The Gem Project: On Mezie Ihiagwa-Rebuilding Ihiagwa Secondary School – Education Overseas

When Paying It Forward Starts With Our Community

Gem Project Team Message:

Chief Dr. Patience Onuoha

On June 17- June 19, 2011 (Bronx, NY) – The Founder of The Gem Project, Inc., Amanda A. Ebokosia,  attended the Mezie Ihiagwa USA, Inc. fundraiser for the secondary school and community of Ihiagwa.  It is a town located in Imo-State, Nigeria within the Owerri West local government area. Ebokosia’s  mother, Chief Dr. Patience Onuoha, was being honored for her assistance in rebuilding the Ihiagwa secondary school. Ebokosia was able to witness the act of giving back to a community that raised her mother and  provided the ultimate wealth, education.

Ebokosia was moved by a statement released within the program booklets of their president, Chief Charles Ikechi Okere: “..I lack the adequate words to express my appreciation for those of us that have traveled thousands of  miles across  the Atlantic to attend this convention. This speaks of our commitment to better our homeland Ihiagwa..”


The Gem Project team believes:

Receiving an education is the greatest gift that can be given. It is a gift that no man or woman could take away from you. It’s a gift that can change a person’s way of life forever.

The Message:

If a better future is what we seek, we must take the necessary steps to change our world. It starts with going back and changing our communities and investing our time, dedication, and support. It does not start tomorrow, it starts today.


Image: Ihiagwa Secondary School being rebuilt

Well Wishes,

- The Gem Project, Inc. Team

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