Gem Project Community Friends Give Back In Major Ways: AngelaCARES, FP Youthoutcry,& CISNJ!

The Gem Project had a busy Thanksgiving this year! We were able to volunteer with FP Youthoutcry Foundation at their 3rd annual “Break Bread With You” ceremony. It was a time to directly give back to Newark, NJ by offering meals from 9 AM – 1 PM on Thanksgiving, November 24, 2011. The founder, Al-Tariq Best, did an excellent job! Many of our community friends held their own own events to support families in need during the holidays. See what AngelaCARES, FP Youthoutcry, and Communities In Schools New Jersey (CISNJ) did below:

AngelaCARES, Inc.

Joining Our Youth with Seniors (JOYS) – Prepared Thanksgiving meals for over 220 seniors! The founder: Angela McKnight.

AngelaCARES, Inc.

AngelaCARES, Inc.


FP Youthoutcry Foundation, Inc.

FP Youthoutcry held their 3rd annual “Break Bread With You” ceremony, offering Thanksgiving meals to the entire Newark, NJ community at Military Park .

FP YouthoutCry Foundation, Inc.

FP Youthoutcry Foundation, Inc.


FP Youthoutcry Foundation, Inc.

Communities In Schools (CISNJ): 

Ten Performance Learning Center students receive turkeys for their Thanksgiving celebrations, thanks to their continued partnership with The New Jersey Community Food Bank.

Communities In Schools

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