Photo of The Day: Two members gaze at our autism quilt portrait, which we are set to give away on 4/25/12 to Rutgers SPAA

Member's Tiffani Artis and Reema Hoshan take one last glimpse of our autism quilt portrait

On April 25, 2012– The Gem Project will give away, through a special gifting ceremony, our autism quilt portait.  The autism quilt portrait’s pieces were made in 2008, when the statistics were 1 in 150. Two years later when the quilt was built, the statistics became 1 in 110 children would be affected by autism. Today (2012), according to the Center of Disease Control, it’s now 1 in 88.

The special gifting ceremony will take place from 2-4 PM at Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration in Newark, NJ. To RSVP or sign-up as a community partner, e-mail: She will need your full-name, number,  and address.

Our quilt was in the winter 2012 issue of Rutgers Magazine.

You may read the online article, (here).


Let’s solve this puzzle or make mothers and mothers-to-be aware.

As with all disorders/ diseases, early detection is key. If there isn’t a cure, early detection can ameliorate some other issues.


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