The Gem Project Define Real Beauty Campaign   is a program that’s a part of the not-for-profit organization, The Gem Project, Inc.  It is a circulating awareness exhibit, consisting of life-sized photos, which were shot by photographer, MG OANIA. It’s a traveling exhibit that is featured at various venues for up to one week throughout the nation by request.  This particular exhibit’s  purpose is to explore the wide spectrum of beauty and what it means to us all. There is no set standard or definition of beauty, despite what we see or hear from the media . The exhibit is an ongoing piece of work and will continue to expand as we may add new photos over time. Every person has a story of beauty. We are  here to explore it and bring that story to life.  No one story is the same. The behind the scenes short-documentary was shot by Virginia Allyn and is scheduled to debut at a later date within the campaign series.

The Gem Project collaborated with MG OANIA to produce the first set of photos, known as the top 10, at the FREE CANDY studios in Brooklyn, NY on August 21, 2011.  Prior to the actual photo shoot, several  photo files and statements  were submitted over the course of a few weeks to participate in this series through casting calls. The Gem Project  program leads, Parul Punjani and Capri Lewis, before a final selection was made.

The Gem Project members often chorused to participants to define beauty on their own terms. It’s better to be comfortable in your own skin  and view that as beautiful,  than to conform to someone else’s standard of beauty.