The Gem Project garnered the interest of over 85 students from SPAA Public Service Week

(L to R – Lourdes Alers and Gizelle Clemens report to volunteer with the Gem Project on Friday, September 30, 2011 at Rutgers University – Newark The Gem Project Volunteers, Lourdes and Gizelle, were instrumental on informing their fellow peers about the Gem Project programs, while signing up participants for upcoming Gem Project campus marches. The Gem […]

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Behind The Scenes: Shoot of Our Autism Quilt For Upcoming Magazine Feature + The School We’re Gifting ( The Gem Project, Inc.)

Greetings!                                                We fulfilled a dream last Friday.  Amanda Ebokosia, Founder  The Gem Project, Inc. ON The  background of our Autism Quilt Project:   Three years ago we started  the Autism Quilt program with Mr. Jason Khurdan of The Guardian Fellowship. All  projects first start out as an idea until you execute them. On March […]

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SunSum Drummers & Lady Jam Headline The Gem Project II Annual Ceremony (Review & Photos)

“The Gem Project 2nd Annual Achievement Ceremony Review- From Our Hearts To Yours“ Above Image:  UFCNB SUNSUM Drummers : Pat Dillon and Danette Adams open and close the event with an African drumming presentation.   August 17, 2011- Wednesday, The Gem Project held their 2nd annual achievement ceremony at the Auditorium of the main Newark […]

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Founder of The Gem Project Speaks to 65 Teens on Bridging Leadership with Entrepreneurship to Execute their Goals!

“Executing Goals by Bridging Entrepreneurial Skills with Leadership” Tuesday, July 12, 2011-The founder of The Gem Project, Amanda A. Ebokosia, was sought out to speak to the teenagers of Teen Travel Camp by camp counselor Ms. Karen N. Lee and was approved by their director, Mr. Erik Montgomery.  Ebokosia led her talk on “Executing Goals […]

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The Gem Project Speak at Scholarship Benefit, to aid Dunrobin Primary School in Jamaica, Led by Miss Jamaica US-2010

“The Gem Project Speak at Scholarship Benefit, to aid Dunrobin Primary School in Jamaica, led by Miss Jamaica US-2010, Kerisa Harriott” Dunrobin Primary School is based in St. Andrews, Jamaica. The benefit took place in Queens, NY, named after Mr. Michael W. Harriott, Kerisa’s late father who served as a noble police officer and role-model.  […]

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The Gem Project Supporters Have a WNBA Experience, Thanks to Friends at Mentoring USA!

Note: This letter contains several images, allow your browser to view them please. Our Message: On behalf of everyone at The Gem Project, we were excited to have created lasting memories for our supporters earlier last month — a  WNBA experience, made possible by our friends at  Mentoring USA.  Supporters tweeted their experience using our […]

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The Gem Project: On Mezie Ihiagwa-Rebuilding Ihiagwa Secondary School – Education Overseas

When Paying It Forward Starts With Our Community Gem Project Team Message: Image: Chief Dr. Patience Onuoha On June 17- June 19, 2011 (Bronx, NY) – The Founder of The Gem Project, Inc., Amanda A. Ebokosia,  attended the Mezie Ihiagwa USA, Inc. fundraiser for the secondary school and community of Ihiagwa.  It is a town […]

The Gem Project educates 150 youth about autism in 4 weeks at 5 different sites in Newark, NJ (PSA INCLUDED)

Video: The Gem Project PSA on autism was filmed by Brown70Films on April 17, 2011 on the Founder’s birthday. Background: April 2011, the Gem Project set out on a mission to educate at least 80 young children and adults about autism, through their interactive literacy program in one month. The lesson involved a reading from […]

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>>Interviewing a 2nd and 3rd grader about a program that happened 3 weeks ago…

(Founder’s Notes): Our interactive literacy program is one out of the 9 main Gem Project programs that has really improved. The lesson plans, attendance rates, participation, and now recently our progress reports. We have been very objective when it comes to self-evaluation and tracking our results. One of our location sites function as the leading […]

Review:The Gem Project -Networking Mixer Benefit II

Event Photography: Erick Og | Eazyland Community Sponsor: Minuteman Press Event Sponsors: Minuteman Press, Roxy Florist, Wet Ink 104, ‘O Boyle Funeral Home, NJ Transit Employee “Mama Rose,” jukGajee- New Thai Jersey Cuisine Restaurant, and Cut Creators. Event Venue: The Coffee Cave – 45 Halsey St. Newark, NJ 07102  Admission was: $10 PDF: E-mail […]

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Lead. Be Brazen–

  • “The world belongs to the energetic.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lead. Be Resilent–

  • “What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Lead. Be Strong–

  • “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau