The Gem Project : Our Story –

Our youth and young adults are the next leaders of social change. They don’t have to wait to be that change they wish to see in our world.  They can act on it today!

The Gem Project is a not-for-profit organization that assists youth and young adults in carrying out the educational enrichment programs that we develop, which focus on the issues of their community and youth affairs.  Through this process, we simultaneously hone their skills of leadership and community organizing.

Our programs sit on the helm of innovation. Amanda A. Ebokosia, founder and CEO of the Gem Project, Inc.,  a not-for-profit organization that she started as a sophomore at Rutgers University on March 25, 2006.   The Gem Project became her therapy at age 19, after finding out that her mother– Dr. Patience Onuoha, was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  Described as a “small lump” by her mother on October 5, 2005, Ebokosia was devastated.  This was her mother, single parent of 3 with one child being diagnosed with atypical autism.  Thankfully, her mother is a survivor.

Amanda  Ebokosia began to research on how issues like this affected young people. After her findings, she initiated a series of educational programs that compelled her peers, youth and young adults, to take action through leadership and community organizing the following year.

Since its inception, the Gem Project has directly educated 2000+ persons, who have also  attended their programs and events. 

The Gem Project is an organization designed to challenge the way we educate our youth. Its motto  says it all, “We Captivate to Educate.”  We have a vision that all youth can take action through social movements, learn from each other, and become great leaders who will be on the forefront of social change within their communities.