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"negro V. homosapien" and "Enuigwe N'uwa (Paradise on Earth)" - by: Favour Ikedife
Ending in: 20 days 4 hours 16 minutes 55 seconds
$140.00 USD
Reserve price has not been met by any bid.

(Enter 155.00 or more)

“How will the soul of a man grow if he constantly fights the freedom of his body, spirit and soul? If the system and all other odds are constantly seeking ways to devour him?”

“Afrofuturism isn’t just centuries away from now. It is when one reaches a state of mind that is boundless by space and time A state when the mind is free from the troubles of world. Afrofuturism can be the present. ”

“negro V. homosapien”
Acrylic paint
Stretched Canvas
Canvas Panel
11″x12″ and 9″x12″

“Enuigwe N’uwa (Paradise on Earth)”
Acrylic paint
Stretched Canvas
Canvas Panel
11″x12″ and 9″x12″