Our Issue Briefs

As high school and college fellows, we have developed issue briefs across 3 sectors: education, justice, and health. Exploring structural racism within the Black community across these sectors, we also examined the recent impact of COVID-19, through existing data.

The  7  issue briefs were first available on August 13, 2020 at 12 PM at the rally along with its own set of recommendations and demands.


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The issue briefs cover the following topics:

  • Justice – Wrongful Convictions
  • Justice – Police Brutality
  • Justice – Poor Health Conditions (Prisons)
  • Justice – Mass Incarceration and Recidivism Rates
  • Education – Zero Tolerance Policies and Punitive Measures 
  • Education – Access and Opportunity
  • Health –  Black Maternal Health

We encourage our friends, youth, schools, and communities to review the suggested reading recommendations and sources as it relates to education, justice, and health offered on http://thegemproject.org/rally2020.

This website will serve as a resource for the community and guide to have many thoughtful conversations surrounding structural racism and youth organizing today to push forward.

Read about our art exhibit that will debut at the upcoming rally called, “Reimagining Black Liberation through Afrofuturism” using a virtual reality interface here.