The Gem Project Youth Public Debate Competition: March Topic- Instituting a ban on ‘Saggy Pants’ in the nation’s largest school system!

Program Info:

Through the Gem Project Interactive Literacy Program, we are hosting a series of youth led debate competitions!

March’s Debate Topic:

Should the largest school system in our nation, New York City, institute a ban of wearing  ‘saggy pants’  in schools?

Background Info:

Serving over 1.1 million students, New York City is the largest school system in the United States. State Sen. Eric Adams (D-Queens) has urged New York City Schools Chancellor, Dennis Walcott, to adopt a resolution to ban wearing ‘saggy pants’ in New York City schools.

Arkansas and Florida have statewide bans for their students. Other places within our country have implemented fines up to $500, including jail time.

Are there  boundaries being crossed? Who should be responsible? Our students will decide through our debate competition!

The Gem Project will continue to hold a series of youth led debates on this topic for March in Newark, NJ. Activity leaders may sign up for our available dates and locations here. You may read testimonials from our last debate here.

What are your personal thoughts on this topic? Comment below to express them.


Image Credit: Los Angeles Times, Staff

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