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Gem Project members are committed individuals. They are the glue that binds this growing organization together. They work arduously in developing and enhancing many existing programs, while offering insight in implementing more innovating ones.  We’re fearless in thought, never hesitating in expressing new ideas to help serve our youth and communities better. We aim to raise the bar each time, we learn from our mistakes and our wins. We try to make not only ourselves better individually —but each other better in the same process.

We have different membership types which are in the order of highest-lowest responsibilities and include: General Membership, Service Only Member, and Volunteer. The appropriate type will be arranged upon discussion, during an interview.

Expectations are set high among all members. We are expected to breathe new ideas within the organization, while contributing to both individual and organizational success.

Our members belong to one or two divisions which include any one of the following:

Community Outreach Division: Members are responsible for fostering new and existing relationships with people, local businesses, and also the organizations that are within the communities that we serve.  At events, we need to have our community partners involved and partnerships made to carry out a dynamic program.  It is the duties of the community outreach members to come up with ideas to make the community aware of our programs and upcoming events.  Your question should be, “How can I get more people involved in X area and fulfill are core mission?”

Youth Programs & Mentoring Division:  Known as the architects of programs, these members take pride in improving the programs we have at the Gem Project. They’re responsible for setting realistic milestones, while keeping track of our progress and achieving them.

Media Division: Pitch stories in lightening speed, these are what members of the Media Division do! They receive guidance to pitch stories about recent break-troughs, upcoming events, or founding results to the media. They develop press kits, press releases, and query letters to our appropriate media outlets. These media stars are able to also build our media lists and strengthen our brand of service and commitment to those we serve.  Our members are able to master our coverage in both new and traditional media. They allow our voices to be heard in a big way!

Fund-raising DivisionIn communication with the accounting division and youth programs, members of the fund-raising division strive to create innovative ways in which we can fund-raise for our programs, while staying within budget from the accounting division. They also hold the responsibility of keeping track and nurturing our donor relationships.

Research Division:  What can be learned from the market today? What are the latest trends that we need to pay attention to in order to replay or messages more clearly? What‘s hindering us from reaching our goals? What tools can we utilize to propel our programs forward?  Researchers are the first to know what’s going on within our industry. What adjustments can be made to strengthen our infrastructure? What are the latest developments on education, leadership, and youth affairs within our nation vs. the developing world?

Marketing Division:  Do we have the right marketing materials? Are they attractive enough and reflect the organization’s goal and mission? These individuals work together to ensure that. They often are in contact with our creative development team, the artists of this organization. They know how to set successful marketing campaigns and track results.

Creative Development Division: In communication with the event planning division and youth programs, the creative development team often finds ways to express themselves artistically at each event. They bring forth ideas to enhance the appearance of programs in unique ways. These members often add the flair and incorporate art into our programs.  They often can be seen drafting public service announcements to suggesting that we bake cookies in the shape of our logo at benefits. There are simply no limits.

Accounting Division: In communication with the program division and fund-raising division, members with the accounting division must set realistic goals and develop budgeting plans for the programs and events we run for the community. Members are responsible to handle financial obligations for the organization, under the guidance and supervision of our lead accountant. Members must have at least 1-2 years of experience in accounting and finance.

Event Planning Division: Roll sheet? Check. Is everyone on time? Check. Duties delegated? Check, Check, and Check. These members ensure that everything is in tip top shape in the preparation and execution of an event. They communicate on an ongoing basis with the entire team and our database of volunteers. These members know how to break a grand event into enough pieces to develop individual tasks for everyone. They indeed keep everything in check.

Chapter Division:  Members of the chapter division are known to create relationships between schools in both the secondary level and college. They have the desire to assist students and young adults in establishing our mission, through a chapter, at their schools or local youth centers. It’s a passion to spread our programs throughout this nation and our world. These members live for it!

Chapter Division:

We are constantly looking for the right people to start collegiate or secondary school chapters under our organization, The Gem Project. If you have an interest in leadership, youth, and education and believe you can establish one at your school—can apply through a primary application of interest below.  You will later receive a full application a along with our chapter handbook. Our chapter director will be able to  assist you through the steps of becoming an official chapter.