Amanda A. Ebokosia, born April 17, 1986, is Nigerian American. She is founder and CEO of The Gem Project,  Inc., published author, and free-lance writer.

The Gem Project is a not-for-profit organization that assists youth and young adults in carrying out the educational enrichment programs that they develop, which focus on the issues of their community and youth affairs.  Through this process, youth and young adults simultaneously hone their skills of leadership and community organizing.

Since its inception, the Gem Project has held over 30+ programs and has directly educated 900+ persons, who have also attended their programs and events. Through partnerships, program distributions, hosting at Colleges, Universities and Secondary schools, the Gem Project has affected thousands of lives.

Ebokosia founded the organization at age 19, as a sophomore at Rutgers University, on  March 25, 2006.

In 2008, she received her bachelors degree in Biology , with a minor in Psychology. She currently holds membership in the Psi Chi Honor Society and The White House Project.

As a child, Amanda Ebokosia found writing to be her first love. She is a published author and freelance writer for numerous media outlets. Her work can be seen on Yahoo Voices, Shine, NJ.Com, and the Examiner. At 14, her first publication was with a poem entitled, “New Chapter,” in the anthology, “Journeys,” by Editors Sharon Derdian & Micheal Perala, and published by Iliad Press.  At 19, these achievements were shortly followed up with her performances at the legendary Apollo Theater and the self-publication of her book, “Raindrops of Life,” which shortly led to the development of her nonprofit, The Gem Project, Inc.


Amanda  Ebokosia and her work have been featured in HelloGiggles, The White House Blog ( Young Americans),  The Star Ledger, Newark Live, Yahoo Voices,  AFROElle Magazine, Iconic Girl Magazine, and numerous other publications.


She is a seasoned orator specializing in the following topics:

Empowerment, Entrepreneurship,  Self-Image Vs.  Self-Esteem, Leadership, Power, Strategic Networking, Branding, and Youth Issues.

She credits her achievements to her close relationship with God, family, and friends.

Ebokosia resides in North Jersey.