The Interactive Literacy Program: Gem Project volunteers lead a literacy program which involves a discussion, reading/ writing session, and an interactive activity centered around a particular theme that they are trying to address. Gem Project volunteers run this project on a weekly basis, while traveling to a different site each week.  The sites may include: schools, libraries, and youth centers. The sessions for this program are youth ages 4-8 and 9-12.  One session lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The Gem Project  Autism Quilt Program In Partnership With MyGOAL, Inc. Gem Project and MyGoal members create workshops to teach youth and young adults about autism. All participants after the workshop participate in an autism quilt building activity. Our volunteers take out time to assemble the decorative awareness pieces into a portrait called, the autism quilt. This quilt is then given away as a gift to participating academic institutions. The quilt was founded by the Gem Project on March 8, 2008.  A  partnership was made with MyGOAL, Inc. on May 8, 2012 after MyGOAL participated in one of the autism quilt giftings to Rutgers SPAA on April 25, 2012. MyGOAL is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that provides assistance, support, and grant opportunities to families and individuals affected by and living with autism.

Awareness Luncheon: A community luncheon and social is put together by Gem Project members, which involves having an experienced panel and moderator, who lead and explore topics that are most relevant to the youth and young adults of  that  particular  community.  Guest talents who volunteer their time also contribute to the awareness luncheon to help make it a worthwhile event.

Benefit Photo Shoot: A Gem Project volunteer photographer photographs participants in such way that it brings awareness to particular issue affecting the community, youth and adults. The photos are then enlarged and transmitted into our traveling awareness exhibit also known as, “The Gem Project Circulating Showcase” displays.

Traveling Awareness Exhibit “Circulating Showcase Display”: The photos generated from the “Gem Project Benefit shoot,” are now entered into our traveling awareness exhibit.  These large size prints are featured at participating schools and other venues for up to one week. The display provides a different approach in educating our youth and young adults of an important issue, at their schools and other venues that they may attend.

The Gem Project Define Real Beauty Campaign- This campaign started as a traveling awareness exhibit and now has developed into its own program. The purpose of this program is to explore with youth and young adults the wide spectrum of beauty. The campaign’s website is located:

College Campus Awareness Marches: Why walk when we can march? Gem Project volunteers work with student organizations at various schools to help them create their own campus march for a cause that they’re most passionate about.  Prior to the actual march, the Gem Project members host a seminar that educates youth and young adults about the cause they will be marching for. The Gem Project unites youth with experienced speakers who volunteer their time teaching at the seminar before their march.

Annual Community Achievement Ceremonies:  Once a year the Gem Project puts together a presentation of the year’s milestones and achievements. They invite their closest supporters and friends to witness their presentation and celebrate. It’s a moment to give thanks and track end of the year goals and progress. It also provides an excellent forum to discuss future plans and updates within the organization.

Community Organizer Lecture Series:  This program takes place in the summer with a series of workshops discussing different aspects of being a community organizer.  The program runs from  June – August.

The subordinate program, “Entrepreneurial Contests,” benefits from the workshops as a reward. Youth or young adults who participate in the entrepreneurial contests and win can gain automatic admission to the community organizer academy workshop.

* Developing June 2012 program

–          Entrepreneurial Contests:   The Gem Project issues an online entrepreneurial contest that runs through academic school year for high school students and first-year college freshman.  It spans from September   – April   17th of the following year. Winners of the entrepreneurial contests get to participate in the community organizer academy workshops


Public Service Announcement Program:  The creative development division of the Gem Project produce story boards of prospective public service announcement about issues that are affecting today’s youth and young adults. The members of this division then proceed to initiate castings of their PSA and film productions.