SunSum Drummers & Lady Jam Headline The Gem Project II Annual Ceremony (Review & Photos)

“The Gem Project 2nd Annual Achievement Ceremony Review- From Our Hearts To Yours

Above Image:  UFCNB SUNSUM Drummers : Pat Dillon and Danette Adams open and close the event with an African drumming presentation.


August 17, 2011- Wednesday,

The Gem Project held their 2nd annual achievement ceremony at the Auditorium of the main Newark Public Library, located on 5 Washington Street, Newark NJ.

Tiffani N. Artis (Left Photo) was the project lead for the event. The theme of the evening was “from our hearts to yours.” Guests were greeted by our newest member, Sacha Matthews.

Matthews was able to give each guest their program and their complimentary favor for the evening. The favors were heart shaped tins encasing jellybeans in the organization’s colors. The flavors were strawberry cheesecake and berry blue berry. The favors were prepared by Capri Lewis, a fellow Gem Project member the night before. 

The auditorium was adorned with heart shaped clear ballons, pink ballons, and our royal blue ballons. The laughter of children filled the air along with the words of our dearest supporters.

The event was co-sponsored by Remi Alapo of .

Alapo provided our performers and the project lead with beauty products in gift bags. She has been a long time supporter of the Gem Project.


Our relationship with Danny’s deli has blossomed over the years. We met Danny in 2008 when we first started having our awareness luncheons. He has such an amazing staff. Guests enjoyed trays of assorted finger sandwiches, fruit trays, and custom colored  Love’sTouch Designs cupcakes as they anticipated the next performer for that evening, Lady Jam.

Listen below Video: Lady Jam, “Stop The Violence.”

FEATURE: Lady JAM 8.17.11
FEATURE: Lady JAM 8.17.11


“LADYJAM joined Nationally known Radio Hosts Bob Pickett, James Mtume and Bob Slade of “Open-Line” heard every Sunday morning on 98.7 Kiss-FM, a New York radio station.


They invited her to sing her song that they were so impressed with called “Stop The Violence” at their “State of Emergency — Town Hall Meeting in Queens, NY!”

Lady Jam was able to perform two pieces and gave away 3 CDs!


This moment was a celebration for  all of the great sponsors and supporters we have had over the

past year.  Aaron Manning of “Keeping It Real Productions” was able to film the entire event! More information in the future will be given on how to get your own CD of our last ceremony! Ramon Nazario, fellow Gem Project member, photographed the entire event. Des Shawn’a was able to book our talent for the event, while Tiffani N. Artis organized it as project lead. One of our newest members, Melaney Bentley, brought two of her younger brothers to the event too. They enjoyed the drumming presentation and Tiffani N. Artis’ cupcakes. Parul Punjani , founding member of the Gem Project, was also there offering her support. Parul Punjani and Capri Lewis were project leads preparing for “The Gem Project  Defining Real Beauty Campaign with MG OANIA.” The first part of the shoot took place this past Sunday, August 21st in Brooklyn, NY at FREE CANDY studio.

This event welcomed our supporters and friends as family. We’re all in this work together.

We thank the following sponsors this past year:  Minuteman Press, The Coffee Cave, Memi International, Cut Creators, O’Boyle Funeral Home, Roxy Florist, Juk Ga Jee- New Jersey Thai Cusine, Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc., and Wet Ink 104.

The founder, Amanda A. Ebokosia gave some remarks on all that the Gem Project has done over the year. She briefly highlighted individuals who are no longer with us, but have contributed greatly to the Gem Project. We call these individuals our “angels.” The program closed with the African drumming presentation again and community highlights, where supporters  came up to the podium to discuss the new projects they were doing. Many supporters gave a few words of encouragement like  Mr. Will Strickland and Mr.B during this segment.

About The Gem Project:

The Gem Project is a not-for-profit organization that educates school-age children, youth, and young adults about issues that are affecting them and their communities. Through the use of innovative programs and enriching activities, the Gem Project is able to hone the leadership and community organizing skills of our youth. Since its inception, they have educated over 900 persons and instructed over 30 programs with an attendance count of over 1000 compiled from all events and special programs together to date.