Behind The Scenes: Shoot of Our Autism Quilt For Upcoming Magazine Feature + The School We’re Gifting ( The Gem Project, Inc.)


                                               We fulfilled a dream last Friday. 

Amanda Ebokosia, Founder  The Gem Project, Inc.

ON The  background of our Autism Quilt Project:  

Three years ago we started  the Autism Quilt program with Mr. Jason Khurdan of The Guardian Fellowship. All  projects first start out as an idea until you execute them. On March 8, 2008- The Gem Project had its very first autism awareness luncheon at Rutgers University – Newark Campus. It was roughly a two hour event that attracted families affected by autism, student organizations, and several fraternities and sororities. I met one of my loyal teammates Parul Punjani, who represented a great organization called, JOSH. It was also a Saturday– a very rainy Saturday.



It was a Saturday that we would never forget. It was the day we revealed the autism quilt. A quilt that told many stories. The original quilt was 6 x 5 ft long and first appeared at  the luncheon in 2008. That was the same quilt that covered the issue of the Newark Live newspaper, a Star Ledger monthly print  publication. The purpose of the quilt was to educate and bring awareness of autism. We shortly came up with a plan to gift academic institutions and youth centers with our quilts.


We were contacted earlier this year by Rutgers Alumni Magazine about being featured.  Last week we met with the staff photographer, who photographed the quilt at Rutgers University School of Public Affairs and Administration.


I was able to be there with assistant Dean Sharon Stroye and Dr. Kyle Farmbry. The Gem Project is elated to have the opportunity to gift the School of Public Affairs and Administration with our quilt later this year.


We could not have found a better school, which  aligns best with our mission to serve our great community.


Friday, September 2, 2011:

We hung the new quilt, which stands 3.3x5ft tall, against the white walls of the building. This was more than a canvas of art. It was  a portrait of memories.

We had a few pieces from 2008 embedded in the final piece of the quilt. I’m certain that we all look forward to the day  when it’s hung there permanently. I personally look forward to the day when I can bring my own grand-children here to tell them about the story of our quilt. Thanks to the Gem Project team, student organizations, schools, and companies that helped piece together this work of art.

Most of all,  we give thanks to Rutgers Alumni Magazine.

Please read our story in Winter 2011 issue of Rutgers Alumni Magazine

– The Gem Project, Inc. Team

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