The Gem Project Testimonials: Week of 2/13: On Our Public Speaking/ Speech Development Workshop & Debate Competitions

About:  The Gem Project started their public speaking  speech development workshops & debate competitions,  through their interactive 3 step literacy programs this month!  

Visit the ‘Event Review’ category to see what it was like at different sites throughout Newark, New Jersey.

For now, see what other educators/librarians, volunteers, and parents had to say about the program below:


“This session on debating was enjoyed by our participants. The group discussed what debating was. Discussed debates that they had participated and then debated on whether computers should replace teachers. The two sides did an excellent job on debating their views. The children enjoyed it.”

– Clara Wilson, Lead librarian (Springfield Branch Library- Newark,NJ)|Public Speaking- Debate Workshop

“This program encouraged the children of various ages to listen, write, then read their essays to the audience. The leaders of this program are very connected with the children and this relationship truly inspires the children to participate and step out of their comfort zones. Love the Gem Project !!!”

– Heather Rivera, Lead librarian (North-End Library,-Newark, NJ)| Public Speaking- Debate Workshop


“Students were engaged in the debate activity and gave great points to support their topic. It really shows how important communication skills are and that gaining it at an early age is essential for personal growth.”

– Amira Onibudo, BloomBOXTV President, Bloomfield College Senior | Public Speaking- Speech Development at  Springfield NPL Branch
“As a broadcast journalism major, I know the importance of public speaking. Having young children gain experience in practicing speech will be beneficial to their future endeavors. All of the speeches were wonderful and I can tell that each student left with much more confidence.”

– Amira Onibudo, BloomBOXTV President, Bloomfield College Senior | Public Speaking- Debate Workshop at  North-End NPL Branch


” Hello, I am Mrs. Laura Hernandez, Eliel’s mother. I am so glad we were here for the program. I enjoyed the program because all of you were helpful to the students. You were friendly and praised the children a lot.  You also allowed and helped my son to participate in a learning program.  This is the first time that he has been in this program. Thank you.”

– Mrs. Laura Hernandez (Newark, NJ)| Public Speaking- Debate Workshop at  North-End NPL Branch