The Social Media Buzz: @ The Gem Project Mini “Write” Summit

The Gem Project Mini “Write” Summit: We highlighted and  raised funds for 4 organizations: The Gem Project, Inc., She’s The First, FP Youth Outcry Foundation, and The Miss Newark Pageant.  It was a great event  that  garnered the interest of many aspiring writers and social media mavens! Yes, everyone was tweeting with our event hashtag, #GEMPROJ.

Our Panelists Included:

  • Ayesha K. Faines :[TV Journalist, Free-lance Writer, Blogger: Fly, Funky Diva]- (website)
  • Megan Reid:[ Writer- Face2Face Africa, FITNESS magazine, and WEBiMAX]- (website)
  • Corynne Corbett:[ Beauty Director of ESSENCE magazine] – (website)
  • Chana Ewing:[ Social Media Manager and Founder of Michelle O’ Brunch] – (website)
  • Slim Jackson: [ Executive Editor of Single Black Male and Writer of The Real Slim Jackson] – (website)
Book Signing:
  • Alfred Blake “A Students’ Handbook to Breaking All The Rules”- (website)