(Event Review) – Gem Project Honoree Awarded by Friends of DeNiqua Matias & City of Newark, NJ






Hello Gems!

Gem Project members Sacha Matthews and Reema Hoshan accompanied the founder, Amanda A. Ebokosia, as she was honored with several esteemed women for the award’s ceremony, “Women of Strength, Honor, and Service.

The event took place on March 25, 2012; ironically it was on the very day that our organization was founded! Sharon Bowles was the lead event planner of the program. Kaleena Berryman, supporter and member of  Friends of DeNiqua Matias, greeted us with open arms when we arrived. She along with the organization of individuals hosting the event,  Friends of DeNiqua Matias, did an excellent job.  The woman of the hour–host of the afternoon, DeNiqua Matias, was phenomenal with her presentation.

It was truly an honor to be in the room with the other 2012 honorees: Essex County Freeholder Blonnie Watson, Newark NAACP President Joyce Stafford-Simmons, Laurel King, Lynda Lloyd, Linda McDonald Carter, Ana Oliveira, Leah Owens, Maria Paulino, Atiya Rashidi and H. Monique William!

The program involved the following:

I. Mistress of Ceremony – Andrea McKinnon

II. Welcome and Invocation

III. Guest Speaker- Antoinette Baskerville-Richardson

IV. Spoken Word Artist- Blkbrry Molassez-Breya Knight

V. Lunch

VI. City of Newark Resolution : Councilwoman-At-Large Mildred Crump

VII. Presentation of Awards : DeNiqua Matias & Roxanne Shante

VIII. Recognitions & Acknowledgments

IX. Closing

The greatest feeling was to celebrate and enjoy everyone, including our Gem Project family–in attendance. This year for us has been one huge celebration. Every day there is something to remember, reflect, and learn from.

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