Weekly Newsletter: Week: April 16 – April 22, 2012 – Special Edition: Community is family

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Special Edition: Community is family.
The Gem Project, Inc.
Greetings  Friend:
Yesterday was our founder’s birthday. Amanda is officially 26!  We have been working extra hard with this newsletter. We included so many new sections and gave it a “fresh” feel.Our programs are growing! There is so much to see throughout this newsletter. We have groups and upcoming events. Please see below about the gifting of our autism quilt to Rutgers University SPAA. Please RSVP, it’s FREE. We’re also going to have a quiet march after the conclusion of the program.

Warm wishes,
Tiffani [ Event Planning Division] Says:
What is your Gem Project dream? E-mail us! You may see it in the next newsletter. Also, include a photo! project@thegemproject.org. Thanks in advance:)

The Gem Project Contributors 
The Gem Project Writer’s division comes with weekly enrichment articles, discussing youth issues now online!
“…..when I was 14, the greatest of violations occurred. I gave up in every area imaginable. ” 
Latishia James has an empowering story to tell.
At 14, Latishia did not want to “inhabit” her body. Her story is the song of many young children who have been violated. Her song is now a song of strength, courage, and the ability to overcome abuse. She now says, “I own my body.”
Read part 1 of 4 Series: (HERE)

33 days! Just 33 days until I graduate from law school… 
Brittany S. Hale is graduating this year at Boston University School of Law.
Law school does not teach you how to DO, it teaches you how toTHINK, according to Brittany S. Hale. Read her article: “33 days. A day in the life of a law student !”
Read her article:  (HERE)

Sign-up to see the gifting of our autism quilt portrait & march, next week!
from: http://theautismquilt.org
The new statistics released by the Center of Disease Control, shows that the autism rates are climbing. In fact, it can be thought of as an epidemic, affecting 1 in 88 children in the United States. We welcome you to our gifting ceremony next Wednesday (4/25 from 2-4 PM)  at the Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration. We’re gifting away our autism quilt awareness portrait.  We’re also encouraging many to wear blue because we will conclude with a brief campus march.
We have guest speakers including, Dr. Kumapley of My Goal, Inc.

Gem Project work awarded by Friends of DeNiqua Matias & City of Newark

Gem Project members Sacha Matthews and Reema Hoshan accompanied the founder, Amanda A. Ebokosia, as she was honored with several esteemed women for the award’s ceremony, “Women of Strength, Honor, and Service.” (Read More..)

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Aspiring Leaders Corner: 
Are you an aspiring leader? Do you need help? Are there any issues that you are dealing with on your way to leadership? Let’s Discuss.
Gem Project Mentees:
Gem mentees will benefit from advisement and support of encouragement through this forum. Scheduled online chats and video conferences will be made occasionally. We hope to explore these methods to connect better with mentees all around the nation and world using technology. [ CLICK HERE ]

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Photos of the Week: 
Photos of set 1: (here)
 Photos of set 2: (here)
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Founder’s Potluck Social 
The last glimpse of the quilt…
Cheers for something new…

Coming Soon: Healthy Eats by Cooking With Besos @ The Gem Project!
Next week, Alnissa Craig of Cookingwithbesos.com, will be educating our youth and adult audience on making “healthy eats.” She will be sharing some easy treats. It’s an innovative approach in addressing how we can live a much healthier life by incorporating a healthier diet. It’s cooking with besos!
By: Alnissa Craig

Excerpt from Cooking with Besos website:Tandoori Chicken and Cucumber Salad
Photo by: Alnissa Craig of Cookingwithbesos.com
 “Today we are taking a culinary trip to India with my take on the Indian dish Tandoori chicken.  It’s a delicious chicken dish full of warm spice flavor with bit of a spicy kick.  If you’ve never had Indian…”

Founder’s Notes:

Our roles are constantly changing, we will always transition from educators to students and vice-versa…(READ MORE)


The Gem Project Define Real Beauty Campaign
Our Define Real Beauty Campaign…
 Photography by: MG OANIA
About Us:
The Gem Project is a not-for-profit organization, which develops educational enrichment activities for youth and young adults. We hone skills of leadership for our youth by assisting them in carrying out these activities with us. In result, simultaneously educating them and building their leadership and community organizing skills. (READ MORE)
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