We bring our Define Real Beauty Campaign to Newark Prep, a BLENDED school!

On June 11, 2013, The Gem Project visited Newark Prep  Academy Charter School, located in Newark, NJ.  Newark Prep Academy fuses traditional learning with online learning.  Students are taught through the K-12 online learning curriculum and complete most of their learning online, during what is known as their Flex period. During this time, students receive their learning from online instructors and follow the curriculum offered by K-12.

Academic coaches are available in-person to help students throughout their online learning experience. Students rotate between online learning and their traditional learning with each class. Through their traditional learning, students receive  in-person class instruction from qualified teachers.

We presented The Define Real Beauty Campaign to 16 high school girls within the student group, Sister II Sister. We showcased ten art pieces within our exhibit, which explored the wide spectrum of beauty through people. Each photograph displayed a statement about the meaning of beauty and was first developed 2 years ago in 2011.

In our workshop, we had an invigorating talk about self-esteem and the media’s misconceptions on beauty. We led this talk after watching with our group of young ladies, Missrepresentation, a documentary that highlights the adverse effects the media can have on the representation of women in leadership roles and personal development.

We left there stunned, learning more from the girls than what we learned collectively through the film. It opened the doors of important conversations, where each girl vowed to continue the discussion within their own communities.