2020 Gem Project Fellow Award Honoree Spotlight – Applicant’s Essay: Meet Ishva Mehta

Ishva Mehta | West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

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Applicant’s Gem Project Fellow Award Video for Gem Project Fellow Award:

A storyteller, teacher, and activist Ishva Mehta is determined to shatter the socioeconomic gap in education. As a senior attending West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Mehta has always had an interest in advocating for more equitable conditions within education to see all youth reach their full potential. Whether it was volunteering to provide free tutoring services for youth as a freshman in high school to now, she has taught over 50+ young people since the inception of her programs.  It was not until she traveled to Mumbai, India, she made the decision to go international with Write & Co, the company she founded as a high school student to promote literacy and shatter the socioeconomic gap in education. We welcome Ishva Mehta as a 2020 Gem Project Fellow Award recipient.