2021 Gem Project Fellow Award Honoree Spotlight – Applicant & Essay: Renée Onque

Renée Onque | Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY ’21

Meet other 2021 honorees: Mekhi Addison, Kynise Dixon, Daniela Palacios, and Renée Onque.

Applicant’s Gem Project Fellow Award Audio for Gem Project Fellow Award:

Working on her 4th degree at age 21, Renée Onque details her mental health journey through transparency and vulnerability, which led to her development of 20+ free guided meditations for those navigating depression and anxiety. Today she speaks with several organizations and schools detailing her journey and sharing her meditations as an agent of change. We welcome Reneé Onque as a 2021 Gem Project Fellow Honorable Mention.   

Please read the 2021 press release here.