The Gem Project receives donation from Mentor Newark at The 9th Annual Charity Golf Outing

The Gem Project receives donations from Mentor Newark at The 9th Annual Charity Golf Outing

As a proud organizational partner of Mentor Newark, The Gem Project is thrilled to be presented with a generous donation to go towards their organization and work. Mentor Newark, a non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying and accelerating the voices and opportunities for youth mentoring in New Jersey celebrates their Annual Charity Golf Outing and Fundraiser again and The Gem Project is awarded a $2,000.00 check donation.

Executive Director of Mentor Newark, Thomas Owens says “  The team at MENTOR Newark is excited about ushering in a new era of mentoring for students in the city of Newark. The strength of which is the unique collaboration between Newark Public Schools, local mentoring organizations, MENTOR National, local universities, and an incredible group of donors, corporations, and community partners. We are grateful for everyone who makes Newark, mentor city!” Just like The Gem Project, Mentor Newark seeks to advance the spaces where mentoring between mentors and mentees can work together to make social change. Together as organizational partners, they are both increasing possibilities for youth representation, youth engagement, and youth empowerment.

Mentor Newark was formerly known as the Newark Mentoring Movement and was founded by senator Cory Booker. Mentoring can provide a basis for an idea or an individual to flourish with the help of training, support, and resources. Both Mentor Newark and The Gem Project continue to demonstrate the importance of transforming meaningful conversations into meaningful work to better one’s community for the better. The Gem Project mirrors how mentorship can play a significant role in teamwork, collaboration, and goal setting to achieve social impact within communities facing all kinds of social injustice. Both The Gem Project and Mentor Newark aspire to encourage and showcase young students on the question of ” What have you learned from your mentor?” as they continue their projects and peer collaborations. Both organizations understand the value behind both the mentor, mentee, and their relationship together regarding community activism and youth involvement.

Pictured here is CEO and founder Amanda Ebokosia and Justice fellow Quadir Walker holding the donation check from Mentor Newark. Amanda mentions “ Mentor Newark provides a space for intentional connections and fostering of meaningful relationships. We have more chances to get to know some amazing organizations more intimately by engaging with youth and leaders who are committed to realizing a better future for their community and world.” Likewise Quadir enjoys partnering with Mentor Newark and is grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this exciting moment for The Gem Project. As a former Gem Project intern and college facilitator, he is so appreciative of The Gem Project and all of the opportunities and connections he has experienced during his time at The Gem Project.  Quadir is a senior attending Rutgers University Newark majoring in Business and Leadership with a minor in Social Justice. He says “The Gem Project Inc. is not your average program, it is a space where talent is cultivated, and leadership is redesigned. This program is an example of “It takes a village to raise a child”, and I must say that this is a very big village. During my time with the Gem Project Inc. I was able to take a step forward into my passion while growing along the way. Building a family, being a constant student, and servicing my community along the way has enriched my leadership skills and I am thankful. Now, my goal is to use all of these resources to navigate different spaces , places and identities to contribute to change.” The Gem Project looks forward to more partnership opportunities with Mentor Newark and to meet and connect with more mentors and mentees.

Sierra Cole is a communications and public relations professional. In 2021 she joined The Gem Project as an inaugural Story Corps Fellow, capturing the stories and work of our youth organizers.

“We champion on time graduation through peer mentoring, youth organizing, employment,  and service-learning initiatives, with a social justice approach.”