The Gem Project Supporters Have a WNBA Experience, Thanks to Friends at Mentoring USA!

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Our Message:

On behalf of everyone at The Gem Project, we were excited to have created lasting memories for our supporters earlier last month — a  WNBA experience, made possible by our friends at  Mentoring USA.  Supporters tweeted their experience using our hashtag #GemProj and snapped away documenting every moment!

See Photos, Video, and Tweets of our supporters experience below:

Supporter’s sharing their experience:


Name: Elizabeth Ngonzi


Gem Project Participated In:

“I was a panelist in March 2011”

Photos Submitted by Elizabeth:

More Photos Submitted by Elizabeth:  (here)

Video Submitted by Elizabeth:


Experience at WNBA Game:

Elizabeth Ngonzi’s Tweets:


wnba2Name: Orane Williams


Gem Event Participated In: Fundraiser – Young Professional Networking Mixer

” The mixer was good event. I got a chance to hear the stores of entrepreneurs and a opportunity to mingle with other young professionals in the area. This was also my first time getting to meet Amanda face to face. The event was well organized and everyone involved seems friendly, outgoing and personable.

Experience at WNBA game:

“Getting the opportunity to see the opening Liberty game at Prudential Center was so exciting. It was my first opportunity to see them live since the WBNA initially started several years ago. The game also provide me time to spend with my mother who is a huge fan of the Liberty and the League as well. She was extremely joyous to attend the game and wants to go to others. Thanks once again to The GEM Project and Mentoring USA for providing this opportunity. ”

Photos Submitted by Orane: (here)

W001More Photos Submitted by Orane Visit:

Name: Chantaya Y. King,  MSW

Gem Event Participated In: The Gem Project College Campus March –

” I attended a Breast Cancer Awareness event with the Gem Project in October 2010 along with Swing Phi Swing. The event was great, the panel discussion was very informative. I walked away from the event learning something new. “

Experience at WNBA game:

“Thanks to The Gem Project and Mentoring USA I was reunited with my love for Women’s Basketball at NY Liberty first home game in NJ. I took my 13 year old cousin Shayla to her first WNBA game and she loved every moment of it. It was a great game, the energy was great and we had amazing seats. Thanks again!”

Photos Submitted by Chantaya:

More Photos Submitted by Chantaya Visit: (here)

Name:  Renee Marshall-McKinley


Gem Event Participated In: Fundrasier – Networking Mixer

“I attended the Gem Project Professional Networking Benefit held March 25, 2011 at the Coffee Cave.

I am very happy that I attended and paid for my sister to attend as well.

I took in great information from the four panelist on their views of business. What I enjoyed the most was the openness of the women. They were willing to share their story and contact information. I also read the Alchemist based on Tiffany’s recommendation and
thoroughly enjoyed it.
I’m looking forward to attending future events provided by GEM.”

Experience at WNBA game:

I had a fun time watching the WNBA game at the Prudential Center with Laverne Davis.

We were fortunate to receive seat upgrades and could see the game from a birds eye view.
I gave my Liberty lapel pen to my niece Alisa who plays basketball in Montclair. It was a game
that kept giving. I appreciate the GEM Project for providing me with the tickets and look forward to support them in the future.

Please note: The following supporters above gave us permission to share the tweets or photos. There were others who attended, and we’re very thankful.

Photos Submitted By Renee:

More Photos Submitted By Renee: (here)

Final Note: It is a great pleasure to share these experiences with you. You’re an extension of The Gem Project, you’re family.Please follow our website or letters for upcoming events. We want to see you at the next one!


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