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 We had set sail!

Isn’t that a gorgeous skyline above? The photo was taken by one of our members in the event planning division, Tiffani N. Artis. She was snapping away with her camera at our members only social last month. We had quite the ride, a ferry ride to be exact. It was a day full of laughter and fun! We enjoyed popcorn and the painful bursts of brain freeze, which resulted from the mango and cherry slushies we had purchased from the ferry station.


We thought of you! We thought of your commitment and encouraging words, our loyal supporters, we would not be where we are today without supporters like you. It was a day to discuss our achievements and flaws openly as a group. We came up with solutions and discussed strategies. We welcomed change that day! Over 30+ programs and 900+ lives touched, we’re at the starting line for something greater than ourselves.

More photos from our trip: (here) | Note: These are  a few of our members who attended that day.

We hope to see or hear from you soon! We will include a community resource guide this Saturday of  of local events within the area. We are also releasing to you this Thursday behind the scenes footage of our Define Real Beauty Campaign.

Volunteer Opportunities!

Activity leaders/ Educators Needed:
We are in need of individuals that would like to teach lessons, through our interactive literacy programs for youth between ages 4-5; 8-12. We have partnered with various sites in the Newark, NJ area. All volunteers will be briefed, trained, and go through a process prior to volunteering at a site. All volunteers will be assisted by a Gem Project member and will have a lesson plan to follow ahead of time.
October Dates: Time 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM [Cyber Bullying]
10/26/2011, 10/27/2011, and 10/28/2011
November Dates: Time 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
11/7/2011, 11/9/2011, 11/16/2011, 11/22, 11/28
Event Set-Up  Volunteers Needed:
We are recruiting volunteers that will like to assist us in setting up events for the following dates:
11/19/11: Mid-Tour launch for “Define Real Beauty Campaign” Hosted by a Student Organization
12/1/11:  Mixer Benefit with Panel
We’re actively seeking to make collaborations with organizations for our campus marches, awareness luncheons, and panel discussions, which we have planned for the upcoming 2012 year.

Upcoming Dates to SAVE!


11/19/11:  Mid-Tour launch for our “Define Real Beauty Campaign” Hosted by a Student 
12/1/11:    Mixer Benefit with Panel
3/25/11:    The Gem Project’s First Annual Gala 
4/25/12: Special Event (Ribbon Cutting Ceremony)
OUR MISSION: To educate school-age children, youth, and young adults about the various issues that affect them and their communities. Through the use of innovative programs and enriching activities, we hope to simultaneously strengthen their leadership and community organizing skills.
Our programs include, but are not limited to: interactive literacy programs,  awareness luncheons,  campus marches, educational seminars / workshops, awareness traveling exhibits, public service announcements, and more.

 Well wishes,

– The Gem Project Staff

 Website: https://thegemproject.org

Phone: 973-506-9275

Fax:     866-582-5521