(Event Review) The Gem Project Volunteer with many at FP Youthoutcry’s 3rd annual Break Bread With You Ceremony // Video Provided by: Newark Press


The Gem Project Staff Members Write:
The Gem Project Volunteer with many people at FP Youthoutcry  Community Thanksgiving Event


Last week, we celebrated all that we were thankful for this past year. We sent letters about events that our community friends  were holding, to celebrate the true meaning of giving back and being thankful.


We wrote a recent post about the community work that Communities In Schools of NJ, AngelaCARES, and FP Youthoutcry Foundation had done (here).


We are beyond proud of their work! Who would not be? AngelaCARES fed over 222 seniors, Communities in Schools of  NJ gave  turkeys to 10 students from their Performance Learning Center, and FP Youthoutcry fed the community of Newark, NJ at Military Park—when they hosted their 3rd annual Break Bread With You Ceremony. The Gem Project was able to participate and lend a helping hand with several organizations and residents at the event.


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Founder’s Message:

Hi  Supporter,

The Gem Project had the chance to volunteer last week at Military Park in Newark, NJ for FP Youthoutcry Foundation’s 3rd annual Break Bread With You Ceremony. It was so exciting! I cannot express to you the energy I personally felt from being a part of this grand event. It’s moments like this, my team and I reflect on what it truly means to serve. The event brought forth unity–in its most purest form.  We were all architects of change that day!

A lot of youth gathered to help assist those who were less fortunate. That day– everyone was family–everyone! We danced, held hands, prayed, and ate together as one big happy family. It’s a day that I personally will never forget. Thank you FP Youthoutcry.

We hope you enjoy some highlights below:

(L to R) Shanell Betts and Toni Michelle of Snatch Entertainment, LLC.



(L to R) Orane Williams , Executive Director of D.R.E.A.M Inc. and Chiké Uzoka , CEO of Valentine Global LLC.


(L to R) Al-Tariq Best, Founder & Executive Director of FP Youthoutcry Foundation and Amanda A, Ebokosia, Founder and CEO of The Gem Project, Inc.


FP YouthOutCry 3rd Annual ThanksGiving Feeding on Thanksgiving Day
FP YouthOutCry 3rd Annual ThanksGiving Feeding on Thanksgiving Day // Video By Newark Press & Realism101.com

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– The Gem Project, Inc. Team