Founder’s Notes: Celebrating with a few select supporters earlier this month, April!

As founder of the Gem Project, I was able to work with our hospitality division to narrow  the first small group of our most frequent  and long-term supporters, April 22, 2012.

These individuals have  invested time and support  within our organization for an extended period.

It was a wonderful opportunity to just listen  and learn from the  people who we serve, who are like our friends and extended family.

At the Gem Project we value many things. We value education, youth, and leadership. We also value relationships.  We rely on 100% volunteerism within this organization. The work we do is attributed to the support of long-lasting relationships that we have established. It’s a community effort.

I was able to sponsor, with my own personal funds, a few platters of authentic Mexican delights at Senorita’s Mexican Bar & Grill, located in Bloomfield, NJ.

We  truly enjoyed each other’s company. It was like being around family as we belted out jokes, discussed future plans, and ate until we couldn’t anymore. We went for rounds of salsa dip and tortilla chips, the kind that you could not just purchase at the local super-market, it’s simply too fresh to compare. We laughed so hard that it almost felt like we were at a comedy show. It’s moments like this, which makes us feel connected to the work we do.  It’s not only important to see results, we must also be able to feel connected to our community. This is just one of the ways to do that.

We’re already planning for our next group, I’m very excited to learn directly from the people who we all serve!

See a slideshow here:

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