Our quilt program (the autism quilt’s journey)/a Gem Project pursuit

Two days ago we were preparing for one of our programs, the autism quilt, which if you examine our projects is the outlier among the list. It’s truly unique. We held a gifting ceremony with the Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration to award them with our quilt.

It’s a major youth issue and now adult issue, as children transition to the next stage of life. It affects now 1 in 88 children within the United States and 1 in 49 children within the state of New Jersey.

The Autism Quilt: Gem Project members create workshops to teach youth and young adults about autism. All participants after the workshop, participate in an autism quilt building activity. Gem Project members take out time to assemble the decorative awareness pieces into a portrait called, the autism quilt. This quilt is then given away as a gift to a participating academic institution.

The autism quilt is a Gem Project program.

(retrieved from: theautismquilt.org)

Please browse the slide show for our journey since 2008- present day.

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