Teaching “The Gem Project” to Rutgers Urban College & Community Leadership Class for 2 Days!

On two separate days, the Gem Project was invited to speak to the Urban College & Community Leadership class by instructors, Dean Walton and Angela Vena, of Rutgers University-Newark. The TA of the course, Nikita Parmer, recommended us to speak to their undergraduate students. These  students had previously learned about our work through a recent Rutgers Magazine […]

Our quilt program (the autism quilt’s journey)/a Gem Project pursuit

Two days ago we were preparing for one of our programs, the autism quilt, which if you examine our projects is the outlier among the list. It’s truly unique. We held a gifting ceremony with the Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration to award them with our quilt. It’s a major youth issue and now adult issue, […]

Highlights of speeches a few of our Gem Project youth developed! What did they say?

The Gem Project has developed  models, which aide youth in  constructing their own speech. We believe that the voices of our youth are powerful! Here are highlights of  speeches that a few of our youth did earlier this year. Not only did they create their own speeches, they also recited it in front of their […]

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(Event Review) – Gem Project Honoree Awarded by Friends of DeNiqua Matias & City of Newark, NJ

          Hello Gems! Gem Project members Sacha Matthews and Reema Hoshan accompanied the founder, Amanda A. Ebokosia, as she was honored with several esteemed women for the award’s ceremony, “Women of Strength, Honor, and Service.” The event took place on March 25, 2012; ironically it was on the very day that […]

A small “shop” that will provide a % of proceeds to our programs! (Product Photos Inside)

Hello Gems (Supporters, Friends, & Family)– We have been having a terrific year with our youth and young adults! You have seen the photos, blog posts, and testimonials. We have been blessed with a gracious  team, supporters, and unrelenting passion for this cause. We have a main goal: To create well-informed global citizens and leaders. […]

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[The Gem Project Define Real Beauty Campaign]- Was a cover story in FGBG Magazine, earlier this year!

  ( Visit The Gem Project Define Real Beauty Campaign Official Website Here) The Gem Project Define Real Beauty staff has some updates for you! We had several this year. Today, we want to share with you some tear sheets from a recent magazine feature. We were featured in the January/February edition of For Girls By […]

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The Gem Project’s Guest Post on Friends of Ebonie: a resource for philanthropists, nonprofits, and leaders!

  A message to our friends and supporters: We recently found out yesterday that our founder, Amanda A. Ebokosia, was chosen by Ebonie Johnson Cooper, founder of http://friendsofebonie.com, to feature a guest post as part of her Women’s History Month highlight. It is truly an honor that Friends of Ebonie gave us the platform to talk about […]

Gem Project News: Featured on The White House Blog & HELLOGiggles + New Website and Volunteer Opportunities

        It’s another week friends, supporters, and family.  Another week to change our world.- The Gem Project   Features:   Last week we were fortunate to have our efforts documented through the White House blog  and HelloGiggles. Our founder, Amanda A. Ebokosia, was first interviewed byJulia Gazdag who forward the notes to Alessandra Rizzotti, former child model […]

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The Gem Project Week Update: Selected as a Judge for FP + Video Interview by CNN contributor

          We submitted our Gem Project Define Real Beauty campaign into a few upcoming conferences. May 12, 2012 at The New Jersey Institute of Technology, the NABFE are holding their first annual conference for young girls. We wish to pair our campaign with a comprehensive program about self-esteem. The campaign displays will be […]

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Happy Holidays from The Gem Project Team + News & Products Inside!

Happy Holidays and New Year! -Where do we go from here? Hello! WOW,  we will soon say our farewells to 2011– as we celebrate with our friends and family.  It has been a prolific year because of you! Every time we held a program, one of our members were always able to spot some familiar faces. We […]

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Lead. Be Brazen–

  • “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Lead. Be Resilent–

  • “The leadership instinct you are born with is the backbone. You develop the funny bone and the wishbone that go with it.” – Elaine Agather

Lead. Be Strong–

  • “The leadership instinct you are born with is the backbone. You develop the funny bone and the wishbone that go with it.” – Elaine Agather